Stop suffering with...

all over weight gain
beer belly
weight in hips & thighs
loss of waistline
pasta cravings
sugar cravings
loss of libido
bread cravings
stress overload
chocolate cravings
salty snack cravings
constant hunger
night sweats
shortness of breath
hot flashes
restless sleep
sleep apnea
cramping & gas
sinus issues
low back pain
right shoulder pain
pain between shoulder blades
knee pain
always getting cold
insulin resistance
slow metabolism
high cholesterol
high blood pressure
ovarian cysts
puffy face
puffy eyes
thinning hair
liver spots
yellow eyes
midriff bulge
dark circles
hair loss
thinning eyebrows
red skin spots
excessive dryness
ridged nails
daily coffee cravings
being "hangry"
muscular weakness
neck stiffness
trouble concentrating
lack of joy
jaw pain
sagging belly
heavy-feeling legs
double chin
receding hairline
irritated red eyes
sleepiness after meals
memory loss
sagging skin
cystic acne
painful periods
inflammation and stiffness

...just call your coach!

Get Started...

No better time than now to start learning, and applying the information. Discover where your body is struggling to find balance and take action. Learn to lose! You have everything to gain!


You Will Receive...
  • Thorough analysis
  • Full evaluation with results
  • Detailed action plan
  • Periodic evaluations with modification
  • Personalized health management training
  • Nutritional assessment with supplemental suggestions
  • You may choose to include massage
  • Personal acupressure training

Why Choose Deborah?

Deborah Wirzburger is a local business woman, licensed massage therapist and certified health coach, who specializes in pain relief and weight loss. Her private practice is located south of Boston in Whitman, Massachusetts. Her clients include musicians, marathon runners, doctors and nurses, attorneys, scientists, educators, engineers, high-level executives, architects, and clients from every walk of life.

Like so many of us she felt herself becoming increasing overweight and unhealthy. No program out there worked for her with any lasting results. Before she became a certified health coach in the Berg Method, she was his student. Now, fueled by her success, Deborah uses her knowledge and candor about her experience to share valuable information and teach you how to make lasting lifestyle changes so that you can enjoy living in your body.

Increase Your Results
  • Make the call
  • Freely ask questions
  • Implement lifestyle changes
  • Provide feedback
  • Set your mind for success
  • Include supplemental support
  • Grow in knowledge, shrink in size!

Join me today and live in a healthier body tomorrow!


In New England we have a great example of a talented coach executing a successful program. It's a winning combination. The right coach is a necessity and a proven system is the name of the game. You already have the foundation you need. You've been successful in other areas. So why not in matters of your personal health? We pinpoint your issues and implement a plan to turn your weaknesses into strengths. We will reevaluate and redirect as needed. Every step along the way empowering you to make measurable changes. We continue to build with more knowledge and increased skills.

Your body will be changing before your eyes! THIS is your year to triumph over physical concerns that are keeping you from enjoying living in your body. The Berg Method is equivalent to a masters level program in personal holistic health care. As your personal coach, using this system, we will be a winning combination. Breathe deeply, move freely, enjoy transforming your body today!!!

Need a Speaker?

Are you looking for a speaker for your next corporate meeting, ladies retreat, trade show! The hottest thing out there is healthy longevity! Deborah is available to bring an informative and enlightening presentation to your audience to enhance their life for the next decade. It's time to: Think Outside of the Box!

Hosting a Party?

”BE THE BEST YOU” Ask about hosting a holistic health night. Door prizes and hostess program!

Each guest will get a massage, a health evaluation, a collection of recipes to share with their family as well as the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a health coach. Or choose an at-home healthy cooking demonstration.

Deborah Wirzburger, BS, LMT, OMT, CHC
Liberty University, NEIA, Spa Tech